Strawberry Banana Mayeli's weight loss kit

Fat Burner Pills

This wonderful kit is complemented by 3 products that will help us look and feel better outside and inside.


Evolution Fit's delicious strawberry Banana flavored meal replacement is high in protein and nutrients, which has been designed to contribute to weight loss, intestinal health, skin, hair and nail care due to its content. Biotin enriched collagen.


It is the most advanced formula for weight loss that exists in the market. A perfect combination that will help you give energy and strength to your body, in addition to controlling your appetite. Added with the benefits of raspberry ketone (Keto Diet Friendly supplement) Raspberry ketone has the virtue of increasing the rate of norepinephrine and adiponectin in the body. As these hormones are directly responsible for the breakdown of fats, they allow you to eliminate ingested lipids, so the body no longer stores fat.


With this product you can clean your colon and lose weight so you feel and look much better, wearing a flat stomach gradually reducing inflammation.

Thanks to its probiotic content, it cleans and regulates the digestive system in a 100% natural and healthy way, reduces gas and improves intestinal transit; It also helps speed up your metabolism.