Carb Blocker

This Carb Blockers are tablets to be consumed with food. We recommend them when enjoying flour-based meals and snacks such as pastas, bread, pizza, and pastries. These small tablets block the enzymes that are in charge of digesting these nutrients, thus, preventing them to settle in the stomach.

This Carb Blocker is designed to stop the digestion of simple sugars and complex carbohydrates.

• This product can help prevent the absorption of up to 500 calories when taken with foods rich in carbohydrates.
• It blocks the carbohydrates without prohibiting your body from the vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

Made with white bean extract, green tea, chitosan, and glucomannan; the same ingredients that will keep you feeling satisfied while stimulating the colon’s health, thus achieving a greater assimilation of carbohydrates. This formula is scientifically created to help you take control of your primary objectives to lose weight and, most importantly, to improve your health.
As of this product couldn’t get any better, it is also KETO friendly; it reduces caloric impact of unhealthy meals.

How to use: take 3 tablets 5 minutes before the intake of foods rich in sugars and carbohydrates.