About Us


 “As with all transformational journeys, the one thing that stands out is the realization and desire to do better and be better regardless of the current circumstances.”

It all started when I decided enough was enough; I would no longer continue to pity myself and suffer from image issues yet I could do something about it. Not only did I deserve this, but my children, family and friends deserved it too. Purposing to be a better version of me, I made true on my vow to love myself enough to start taking better care of myself. As I evolved, there were moments when I felt lost, frustrated and stagnant and needed help to develop new habits towards leading a healthier lifestyle but I kept pushing forward with my newfound regimen. And that is how I overcame depression and being overweight. This vivid memory was one of several lessons I learnt on my journey, igniting in me the desire to help people break out of self-limiting practices by offering tools that will help them in the process. And thus I created Evolution Fit.

Make your decision and start today. You deserve it!

Evolution Fit is a revolutionary health and beauty brand that is on a mission to help men and women on their personal journeys of becoming better versions of themselves. Taking a holistic and pragmatic approach in all our operations, we take pride in offering extensive tools such as natural supplements as well as guidance on how to make good lifestyle choices by covering various wholesomeness topics such as eating healthy and exercising among others. Produced and packaged in the US, our products are formulated using the highest quality ingredients in a FDA Approved facility and are designed to be highly effective and equally as healthy in helping achieve beauty, body and wellness goals.

To achieve ultimate freedom and success in attaining exceptional results, one must first strike a balance between whom they are and what they want to be. The drive to look and feel good always start from within and contributes towards generating a positive impact in our personal and social lives. This in turn improves our relationships with others all thanks to challenging yourself and taking that first step!

Purpose to transform your lifestyle with Evolution Fit today and enjoy the new you!

                                                                            -Mayeli Alonso